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Cold storage refrigerator freezer standard design and installation specification


Cold storage standard design and installation specification

The cold storage design specification enters the construction site, and the construction situation is verified according to the construction drawing, and the installation location of the equipment (the storage body, the drainage door, the evaporator, the main engine, the condenser, the control system, etc.) is determined.

First, the cold storage board installation method

1, floor installation

1.1 Level the floor first, then start to install the floor, select the beautiful floor and put it in the conspicuous place, and do the floor and evaporator drainage system.

1.2 Quality requirements

The floor is installed flat, the floor is flattened with materials, and the hook between the plate and the plate is locked to achieve a flat surface and no hollow feeling. (Note that if the drainage system is installed outside the north of the cold storage system, the drainage pipe needs to be insulated).

2, vertical board installation

2.1 According to the site conditions, first select a corner, and locate (ie, the vertical plate and the floor lock) extend to the two sides at this angle, only lock the vertical plate and the vertical plate, and locate the vertical angle, the beautiful plate is placed on In the conspicuous place, when installing to the side of the evaporator, the drain pipe is prepared in advance, and the U-bend and silicone are required outside the library.

2.2 The vertical plate of the vertical plate is flat, the plate is not concave, the head surface of the vertical plate is flush, the gap between the vertical plate and the vertical plate is even, and the prominent angle is flush with the floor angle.

3, roof installation

3.1 First select a positioning gusset and extension laying, the locking between the celestial and the celestial board, when the installation is conspicuous, the head and the vertical slab are guaranteed to be flat and locked to prevent the movement.

3.2 The conspicuous place is made of beautiful ceiling, the seam between the sky and the vertical board should be flush, the gap is small, and the sky plate inside the library is flat.

4. After the sky, the ground and the vertical board are generally installed, the sky and the vertical, the vertical and the floor are corrected and locked, and all the hooks are locked.

5. When encountering a plate that needs to be flared, the flaring needs to be ground and burr-free. When the plate is required to be pulled aluminum, the silicone is then pulled and the aluminum is pulled to ensure the sealing.

6. After the library is installed, the time is required to play silica gel. The silicone seam is smooth and smooth. It is best to use silicone to be processed in the same day to prevent damage.

Second, equipment installation specifications

Equipment installation according to the construction drawing and the situation determined by the site

1. Evaporator installation specification

1.1 First open the lifting screw hole, and open the copper pipe and wire hole, the rear two holes should be trimmed to prevent hidden dangers in the fast port. The back of the evaporator and the vertical plate of the self-distributing pipe are positioned 300MM, the evaporator drain hole It is perpendicular to the pre-safe drainage hole of the vertical plate. The height difference between the two is 250MM. If it is a freezer, the drainage pipe wears the drainage electric wire, and the drainage heating wire heats the part. It can only reach 50MM inside the storage plate, and the external insulation of the drainage pipe Processing, refrigeration does not require heating wire, the other is the same.

1.2 Lifting attention

The evaporator inlet should not face the storage door. The evaporator should be placed at the longest end of the cold storage. The evaporator outlet should not be facing the door. (The evaporator is centered for maintenance.)

2. Cold storage unit host installation specification

The closer the host is to the evaporator, the better it is, and it is easy to maintain. The heat dissipation is good. If it is moved outside, it is necessary to install a shelter. The four corners of the main unit need to be equipped with anti-vibration pads. The installation level is firm and not easy to be touched.

2.1 condenser installation

The closer the condenser is placed to the host, the better. It is better to have the upper position of the main unit. The condenser installation position has the best heat dissipation environment. The suction port cannot be facing the air outlet of other equipment, especially the oil gas. The air outlet cannot be short-circuited and facing. Other places (especially residential windows) and equipment, should be 2M high from the ground, the installation level is firm.

2.2 Copper tube discharge

All copper pipes need to be wrapped together with the same direction wires and air-conditioned cable ties together. Try to straighten the pipe and fix them in sections. The insulation pipe and the insulation pipe joint are covered with electric tape.

2.3 Wire discharge

All wires should be protected by corrugated hoses or wire troughs, and the temperature display wires should not be lined up with the wires as much as possible.

Third Refrigeration system connection

Because the main condenser and evaporator are sealed and sealed in the factory, there should be pressure when opening the seal. It can be checked whether there is any leakage. The factory copper pipe should have dust sealing measures at both ends. Dust enters the tube, condenser → main unit → evaporator, copper tube connection is welded, the interface is firm and beautiful.

1. According to the performance of each electrical and electrical equipment, the wire is required to meet the requirements, the joint is firm, and the pipe can be protected and the power supply is correct. The wire enters the evaporator junction box hole and needs to be sealed by silicone. If the lamp is 36V or more, the grounding wire is required. The power input in the main cabinet needs three-phase five-wire system, and reliable grounding is required.

2. The temperature control is fixed on the sky plate, the probe and the temperature display probe are inserted into the air return port of the evaporator in the library, and are suspended, the temperature control of the defrosting is also fixed on the sky plate, and the probe is further perforated into the air return port of the evaporator in the library. The probe is inserted into the fin (not close to the electric heating tube).

3. If the sky plate cannot be used, fix the temperature control and defrosting temperature control to the corner of the evaporator inside the library. All the wirings are sealed, and the others are the same as above.

4. Balance hole (pressure equalization valve), do not install in the conspicuous place and the air outlet vertical plate, the height is 200MM opening on the vertical plate.

Fourth, cold storage equipment debugging specifications

1, refrigeration system

1.1 Use N212Kg/cm2 to check the system for leaks. If there is no problem in 2h, vacuum can be applied. If there is no problem for 1h, then freon is kept.

1.2 No N2, then vacuum 2h first no problem, fill the Freon 5 Kg / cm2 gas phase leak, no problem, then test machine.

1.3 Check that all wiring cables are correct, meet the requirements, and check whether the power supply is up to standard.

2, power test machine refrigeration system

After the components of the refrigeration system are in normal operation, turn on the freon until the liquid is full. At this time, adjust the temperature control set value, terminate the temperature and temperature difference (4~5 °C), and observe the low pressure value when the temperature reaches the end temperature. Low pressure protection value (below the stop value of 0.4~1.2 Kg/cm2, freezing 0.4, refrigeration 1.2 Kg/cm2) and pressure difference (0.5 Kg/cm2), the high pressure protection value is set at 25 Kg/cm2 at the factory. Unless the special circumstances are not allowed to change, you can manually adjust the pressure value, check whether the high and low voltage can be protected, and adjust the thermal relay protection value to 2.5 times the normal current, and also manually test its performance.

3, power test machine defrosting system

Defrost timer SB3.8-1, the adjustment frequency is 1-12 times per day, 2h per gear, the defrost time is 2-60min, generally set every 4h, each time 25min defrost termination temperature is set at +25 °C, check if the heating wire works normally during defrosting, and whether the drainage heating wire is normally hot.

4. If the radiator is at a distance of more than 10M from the host or the host from the evaporator, and the height is greater than 5M, the refrigerating oil may be replenished.

5. After all the data are set and debugged, reset and stop 3 times to check whether the components can work normally. At this time, please check and accept the customer.

6. After the above work is completed, clean the inside and outside of the warehouse, please check and accept the entire cold storage, sign and confirm and hand over.

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