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Four major issues to consider in the cold storage Refrigerator Freezer design process


Four major issues to consider in the cold storage design process

1, cold storage volume
The size of the cold storage is calculated based on the volume that the storage product must occupy in the cold storage, plus the inter-row aisle, the space between the pile and the wall, the ceiling, and the space between the packages. After determining the capacity, determine the length and height of the cold storage. The cold storage design must also consider the necessary ancillary buildings and facilities, such as the workshop, the packing and finishing room, the tool library and the loading and unloading station, so that the quality of the cold storage can be guaranteed.

2, the choice of insulation materials is very important for the quality of cold storage
The selection of cold storage insulation materials must be adapted to local conditions, and it must have good thermal insulation properties and be economical and practical. There are several types of insulation materials. One is a plate that is processed into a fixed shape and size. It has a fixed length, width and thickness. It can be selected according to the needs of the cold storage library. The high and medium temperature cold storage is generally 10cm. Thick plate, low temperature cold storage and freezing cold storage generally use 12cm or 15cm thick plates; the other can be sprayed with polyurethane foam, spray the material directly into the existing brick or concrete warehouse, after the shape is both moisture-proof and Insulation. The heat insulating material plate has polyurethane, polyphenylene, and the like. Polyurethane does not absorb water, and has good heat insulation, but the cost is high; polyphenylene has strong water absorption and poor heat insulation, but the cost is low. The structure of the modern cold storage is developed in a positive assembly manner, and the storage body member including the moisture-proof layer and the heat-insulating layer is made to be assembled on site, and the advantage is that the construction is convenient, fast, and movable, but the cost is relatively high.

3, the choice of refrigeration system is the most important for the quality of cold storage
The choice of cold storage refrigeration system is mainly the choice of compressor and evaporator. The refrigeration system is the core of the cold storage. It is mainly composed of compression system, condensing system, evaporation system and regulating valve. In addition, there are fans, pipes and instruments. Accessories. The entire refrigeration system is a sealed circuit in which the refrigerant circulates, controlling the amount of supply and the number of times it enters the evaporator as needed to achieve suitable low temperature conditions. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, which pushes the refrigerant around the system. The function of the condenser is to remove the heat in the compressed gaseous refrigerant and condense it into a liquid refrigerant; the cooling method of the condenser is air cooling, water cooling, air and water combination, and air cooling is limited to small cold storage. Application in refrigeration equipment. The function of the evaporator is to provide cooling capacity to the cold storage. The evaporator is installed in the cold storage. The air blower is used to blow the cooled air to various parts of the warehouse. The common cold passage of the large cold storage is connected to the evaporator to extend the air supply distance and make the library. The temperature drop is more uniform.

4. Under normal circumstances, the small cold storage is mainly based on fully enclosed compressors.

Because the power of the fully enclosed compressor is small, the price is relatively cheap; the medium-sized cold storage generally uses semi-closed compressors; the large-scale cold storage uses semi-closed compressors. When selecting, ammonia refrigeration compressors can also be considered because of the ammonia refrigeration compressor power. Large, and can be used in one machine, but installation and management are cumbersome. In the selection of the cold storage evaporator, the high-temperature cold storage uses the cooling fan as the evaporator, which is characterized by rapid cooling, but it is easy to cause moisture loss of the cold collection; the medium and low temperature cold storage mainly uses the evaporation tube made of seamless steel pipe. It is characterized by a good thermostatic effect and can store cold in a timely manner.

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