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Hotel kitchen function requirements (Chinese kitchen, Western kitchen, banquet kitchen, etc.)


A. Chinese kitchen

  Mainly produced Chinese dishes, stir-fried, steamed vegetables, stews, fried dishes, soups, for this Chinese kitchen is mainly configured for frying stoves, clam ovens, low soup stoves, steam cabinets, three-door steam cabinets, upright refrigerator freezer ,undercounter cihiller,configurable The roasting room, the abalone, the pastry, the sashimi, the cold dish and so on.
B. Western kitchen
  It mainly produces Western-style dishes, with reliable quality and stable performance, such as universal steaming oven, electric fryer,gas lava rock grill ,gas griddle,gas soup kettle , gas tilting braising pan , kiln, simmering stove, low soup stove and other western stoves. It can be equipped with separate bakeries and decorating rooms. Pastries and snacks.
C. Banquet kitchen
  The main feature is that there are fewer varieties than ordinary kitchens, but the number of meals per unit time is large, which requires ample cooking and dining areas, so that you can quickly fry and quickly divide meals when you open a meal.
D. Full-time kitchen
  To meet the requirements of the hotel for the Chinese restaurant and buffet area, the open kitchen is divided into Chinese food, Western food, and flavors to meet the dining needs. The front hall is equipped with a buffet area and a fruit dessert area to ensure a variety of cuisines in the front hall. And taste requirements.
E. Lobby bar kitchen
  Provide coffee, tea, drinks, wine, snacks, fast food, etc. in the lobby. The selection of the lobby bar equipment is in line with the hotel positioning, stable performance and beautiful appearance.
F. Executive Lounge
  The dining area offers a variety of hot and cold snacks, coffee, tea, juice, and a self-service design to provide guests with more convenience.
G. staff kitchen
  There are many staffs in the hotel. This kitchen is specially equipped for the hotel staff. It has a functional area such as hot-fried room, roughing room, noodle room, sale room and dishwashing room to meet the needs of hotel staff.

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