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British supermarkets gradually develop commercial refrigerator door renovation plan


Recently, the British Co-ops supermarket is carrying out a renovation plan for open refrigerators. These refrigerators are mainly used for chilled dairy products and fresh meat, and are also the main energy consumption points of supermarkets. At present, Co-ops has implemented a refrigerator door renovation for 100 stores, saving 50 million pounds of energy per year and reducing environmental impact. (1 pound is about 10.08 yuan)

If all the supermarkets in the UK can install freezer doors, the savings are almost twice the amount of electricity generated by the second largest power plant in Europe, but many other supermarkets have not implemented the fear that placing food in the freezer door may affect sales. This measure.

Dave Roberts, head of asset management at Co-ops in the UK, said: "This is also a concern for us. But we found that installing LED lights on the freezer door would make customers feel that the food was freshly placed there. We did not find that the installation of the freezer door led to a decline in sales."

Robert said that customers will feel comfortable when they see food in a closed freezer, because people don't have to worry about food being degraded by rising temperatures. The Co-ops supermarket installed a freezer door for each of the refrigerators in the newly opened store, and also renovated the existing storefront. At present, Co-ops has transformed 500 stores every year and promised to install at least 2,000 stores in 2020.

Robert also pointed out that both employees and customers have responded positively to this move. In fact, half of the electricity consumption of Co-ops supermarket stores comes from refrigeration and refrigeration, and energy costs are the second largest expense for supermarket chains after employee salaries. Robert said that closing the refrigerator means that there will be no more "cold hot" in the supermarket. The new freezer no longer needs a large engine, and the failure will be reduced in the hot weather.

Not only that, but in France, a supermarket voluntary agreement plan also stipulates that by 2020 three-quarters of the freezer area will be equipped with freezer doors, which is expected to reduce France's electricity costs by 1%. In the UK, supermarkets consume 5% of the country's electricity consumption.

Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket chain, also expressed its support for the freezer door program. At present, Tesco's 1,800 express stores have been retrofitted with freezer doors.

A spokesperson for Morrison, a British supermarket chain with 482 stores, said: "Most customers do not welcome the free-door measures, so we do not plan to introduce this measure at the moment. But in the past five years, we have passed a series of Actions have reduced the store's 40% cooling carbon emissions.” This includes replacing the HFCs used in the freezer refrigeration with carbon dioxide.

The Sainsbury supermarket in the UK said they are currently testing the freezer door plan in six stores. The Sainsbury supermarket has more than 1,000 stores. A spokesperson for the supermarket said: "Customers said it was difficult to buy things after installing the freezer doors, and we found that in busy stores, the freezer doors were kept open most of the time. We believe that other methods are better able to Produce practical results, such as the abolition of the use of hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, etc. Like the Co-ops supermarket, Sainsbury has promised not to use hydrofluorocarbons by 2030.

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