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I.    Brief Introduction
    This series of products, with a novel style, bright colors & luster and practical structure, have the characteristics of convenient operation, speedy temperature rising, excellent heat-preserving performance, energy saving, etc. , and are suitable for baking food such as various kinds of cakes, cookies, meat and medicinal materials, etc..Bread and cakes roasted with this type of products, that are known as the optimal baking devices, will be uniform in colors & luster, eat crisp & palatable, and be perfect in the aspects of both flavor and taste.
Please read this operation manual carefully before operation and keep it properly.

II.    Performances and Features
Each layer of baking ovens under this series can be controlled separately, and the upper temperature and the bottom temperature can also be regulated respectively, several layers can be put into operation simultaneously, or one single layer can be used independently. The temperature of a baking oven can be discretionarily adjusted within the range of 20~400℃ and could be automatically detected on scheduled time.

This baking oven has been equipped with an oven-temperature protection device. In case that the malfunction of a automatic temperature controller occurs with the power supply on and the heat-emitting tube in operation, the electric connections of the main power supply will be automatically Switched off, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire and electric shock, as well as to insure the security of persons and surrounding environment.

III.    Notices on Installation and Operation Environment
1.    This device is for indoor operation only, which can be placed on the ground or on the top of a firm stand, and should be over 20 cm apart from the wall. It is forbidden for a baking oven to be placed close or adjacently to a wooden wall, wooden ground or wooden surface of table, and it is also strictly forbidden for any combustible matter to be placed around a baking oven, so as to avoid any fire.
2.    All electrical connection work should be performed by qualified professional technicians. The voltage of power supply should confirm to that indicated on the nameplate. Main circuit breakers or switches, with long disconnecting spacing between contacts(disconnecting spacing between contacts should not be less than 3mm) and all poles that can be disconnected, should be equipped with . Leakage current protection switches with technical parameters shown in table attached hereunder should also be foreseen:

Table attached:

Type of Baking Oven
echnical parameters of leakage-Current Protection Switches
Current Rating (A)
Rating of Trigger Leakage Current IΔn (mA)
Qty of Poles and Voltage

1.        The protection grade for electrical components that are reachable is Category 1, wires in the two colors yellow and green are used for grounding, which should be securely connected with the grounding conductors conforming to relevant national regulations on marking secure use of electric power.


Caution :connecting the grounding wires to any water supply conduct, gas supply conduit or heating supply conduit are strictly prohibited, or else, unexpected harmful accidents will probably happen.


2.        An equal-potential connection terminal is mounted on the rear of the device, which should be reliably connected to equal-potential connections on other equipments via copper-core wire with section area of 2.5mm²~10mm².


3.        The environmental temperature for the operation of this baking oven is -10~40. The relative humidity should no more than 85%.


4.        The power supply should be switched off immediately in case of any malfunction of the baking oven. Check and repair should be carried out by qualified professional personnel. Unqualified curbstone people should not make bold to open the cover of the electrical cabinet in order to avoid any possible damage.


IV.    Operation, Repair and Maintenance

1.    Switch on the power supply, turn the “operation” switch on the panel to the “ON” position, adjust the temperature controllers for “upper temperature” and the “bottom temperature.” to the desired value, then the baking oven will begin operation, the green indicator lamps on the temperature controllers will be on. In case that the temperature reach the set value, the green indicator lamps will be off, indicating that the exothermic tubes stop heating and get into a constant temperature state, then, the temperatures will be automatically adjusted according to the set temperatures


2. The users can adjust the bottom temperature as per baking requirements for different food so that the ideal color and luster of roasted food could be achieved .


3. Lighting devices equipped for the baking oven will facilitate taking an observation on the oven’s interior situation .


4. When the baking work is finished ,turn the “operation “ switch on the panel to the “OFF” position’then switch off the power supply .


5. The waterproof grade of this baking oven is Generic Category,therefore ,it is for indoor operation only .Placing the baking oven at a loacation with a spray of the water or cleaning it with water jetting strictly prohibited.


6. The mode of power supply connection for this device is X-mode ,users are permitted to change the wires for power suuply on their own decision ,but the wires must be the cable type Yzw or Yow with rubber-protection cover.


7. Periodic check should be made on the electrical insulation and conductor connection ,at laest once every half a year .


8. The baking oven should be placed at a drafty location, and should be kept clean.When the surface gets dirty, clean it with water plus a little chemical neutral detergent ,and dry it properly with wet cotton cloth .


9. In case that the baking oven is out of operation for a long-term period, it should be kept clean and placed at a location that is dry and drafty.

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