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Commercial Stainless Steel Gas Griddle for hotel restauarnt kitchen equipment

Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Stainless Steel Flat Plate Gas Griddle
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Commercial Stainless Steel Gas Griddle for hotel restauarnt kitchen equipment

Product Name
Gas Griddle with Cabinet1/3 Grooved
Gas Griddle with Cabinet1/3 Grooved
Gas Griddle 1/3 Grooved with Gas Oven
Gas Griddle 1/3 Grooved with Gas Oven
Unit Size(mm)

Cooking Surface Size(mm)

Thankiness of Chromed
Gas Class
Net Weight

Hotel Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Commercial Gas Griddle Features:
(1)Stainless steel base and stainless steel construction with stylish brushed finish.
(2)Heavy duty,polishedmild steel cooking surface.
(3)Removable statinless steel crumb/drip tray for easy cleaning.
(4)Ideal for sizzing steaks,burgers,eggs and much more .
(5)Exceptional quality and value.
(6)Non-slip rubber feet.


The installation of the unit must be performed by a qualified technician only. Place the device on
top of a solid, even, safe and stable surface that tolerates the weight. Level it back and forth. Then
level it side to side.

Not at any time should you place the appliance on top of an inflammable surface (such as: table
cloth, carpet, etc.).

You must not locate the appliance near open fireplaces, electric ovens, electric heaters or other heat

Position the device appropriately so that the plug is always accessible.

B. Operating


The operation of the device may only be carried out by personnel that have been instructed in
operation of the device

The unit is equipped with double gas valves, which can be controlled separately. The right valve
controls the right burner. The left gas valve controls the left burner. Rotate the gas knob to STAR
position; leave it for a while to purge the air out. Then press the igniter. Then adjust the flames

When a day’s work has been finished, rotate the thermostat knob anti-clockwise to its original
starting position. Shut the gas supply off. If something unusual occurs, you should call a qualified
technician for repair.

Always use griddle on a dry, level, heat-resistant surface. Make sure drip tray is in place. When the
set temperature is reached, the gas supply to the main burners would be cut off automatically. The
pilot still stays alit. When the temperature is lower than set temperature, the main burner would be
giving off heat then. The appliance repeats in this way to keep the temperature constant.

Preheat griddle 5 to 10 minutes until desired temperature is reached. Adjust the temperature for
different kinds of food stuff. A satisfactory result can be achieved. When finished cooking, remove
food, turn temperature control to 0, and unplug unit.

If something unusual happens, stop using it immediately. Call a qualified technician for checking.
Get rid of the fat oil collected in the drip tray periodically. Be careful when drawing out the drip tray.
The fat and oil inside may spill out of the drip tray. You had better clean it before it is too full. Clean
it with non-abrasive detergent solution. Then put it back in its original position.


• For best results, space foods evenly on the griddle and do not overload the griddle.
• Only use wooden or plastic cooking utensils to prolong the life of the nonstick coating.
• Do not place any pot, pan, or dish on the nonstick griddle surface.

C. Transportation, Cleaning and maintenance

1). Transportation

In the process of transportation, the appliance should be handled carefully, preventing the intense
shaking. The packaged appliance should be stored in a well-ventilated area free of caustic air. It
cannot be placed in the outside area and should never be put upside down. Keep it dry and dust-free.
Do not expose it to direct sunlight. Avoid mechanical shocks and vibrations. If it is for temporary
storage, the weather-proof method should be taken.

2). Safety advice

Before starting repairment or cleaning works, make sure the unit has been disconnected from power
socket (pull off the power plug!!!) and has cooled down completely.
Do not use any acid or abrasive detergents and make sure no water runs into the internal part of the
CAUTION! The appliance is not jet-proofed. Therefore, you must not use any kind of pressure
water jet for cleaning it!

3). Cleaning

The device should be cleaned regularly.
Let the unit cool down completely.


Do not use any water to clean the control panel. Thereby, ensure no water engresses inside the unit.
Thoroughly dry off the unit before operating the unit again!

Control panel, surface of the device and power cord should only be wiped off with a piece of soft
cloth dipping a mild cleaning detergent solution. You must not let water enter the switching unit.
This may lead to malfunctions of the appliance.

Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents or abrasive materials as these could damage the
protecting film of the stainless steel and leave the iron particles on the surface of the unit, which can
cause rust.

Never use steel pad or steel brush to clean the griddle. Because the iron particle left on the plate
may cause rust.

All parts must be dried thoroughly and reassemble the parts of unit, which have been dismantled for

Store the device in a dry and ventilated place if the unit stays idle for a long time. Keep it away
from acid steams and caustic gases.

4). Safety instructions for maintenance

♦ Check the piping system for damag

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