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E26B Hot Sale Double Deck Electric Bakery Oven for Bread and Cake

Commercial Pizza oven bread making machine baking equipment gas electric oven for bakery,

Commercial Kitchen Gas Pizza Oven Bread Baking Gas Bread Oven for restaurant and hotel kitchen

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E26B Hot Sale Double Deck Electric Bakery Oven for Bread and Cake

OEM & ODM are welcomed !

The Material and Function of Double Deck Electric Bakery Oven:

(1) Front 430 stainless steel (conventional thickness is 0.6mm, other three sides can be made of stainless steel or cold plate)

(2) Liner: Electrolytic plate (conventional: 0.4mm), infrared heating plate, slate (heated evenly);

(3) Temperature control: digital display temperature control, pointer temperature control, electronic version temperature control (better)

(4) AC contactor: Since the power of the heating tube is too large, the electricity passes through the AC contact to the heat pipe, and the sense Control the AC contactor after the temperature is transmitted to the thermostat.

(5) Insulation cotton (insulation cotton): the material is glass fiber, the temperature can withstand 800 °C, play the role of heat insulation and heat preservation, the thickness is 7cm;

(6) Fire-blocking plate: the material is electrolytic plate (expensive than cold plate, cheaper than stainless steel), the thickness of the plate is 0.6mm (conventional), which plays a role in blocking fire and prevents scorching food;

(7) Exhaust pipe: controlled by the exhaust pipe switch, emitting a part of the oven heat, reducing the temperature inside the oven;

(8) Fan: high-quality fan, two-door gas furnace need to use two sets of fans, because the pressure of the gas pipe is not enough, it is necessary to blow gas and gas into the combustion pipe through the fan;

(9) High-quality igniter; Tips: Open the door first when it is ignited to prevent explosion;

(10) Fermentation tank: the fermentation time is about one hour, and the general temperature can reach 85 ° C, which is used to ferment bread;

(11) Cable: Connect the air switch, because the power is too large, so the plug cannot be used;

(12) Solenoid valve: a switch that is controlled by electricity, controls the gas input, opens: gas input, shuts off: gas cannot enter;

(13) Insurance: plays the role of protecting the current switch;

(14) Heat pipe: to increase the temperature, let the liner warm

(15) Inner lighting: easy to look after the food and its degree of roasting. Type: incandescent lamp (FSL Foshan Lighting), high temperature resistance, longer life than LED lights.

(16) Reset switch: Dell brand, reduce power consumption; prevent users from forgetting to turn off the lights (lights will continue to work, reduce the life of the lights)


Double-layer Six-tray Electric Oven

1.Unit Size: 1680*840*1090mm

2.Internal Size: 1290*640*220mm
3.Packing Size: 1800*950*1180mm
4.Temperature Range: 30~400℃
5.Power: 16.8kW
6.Voltage: 380V/50Hz
7.Net weight: 185kg
8.Gross Weight: 195kg

E26B Hot Sale Double Deck Electric Bakery Oven for Bread and Cake Features:
1.Ovens have a simple thermostat which turns the oven on and off and selects the temperature at which it will operate.
2. A timer may allow the oven to be turned on and off automatically at pre-set times. 
3.Convection cooks food more evenly.
4.Easy-clean, nonstick oven interior.
5.Even-heat technology provides consistent heat throughout baking cycle for delicious results.
6.Easy-to-read temperature dial on front control panel can be adjusted to desired or pre-set temperatures.
7.120-minute timer can be set to remind you when a dish is finished and offers plenty of time for the requirements of most recipes. 


1.Electric pizza oven, double layer heat preservation; Wide glass window

2.Equipped baking timer,accurately control baking time,and with timing alarm

3.Boric Stone flooring, chamber temperature up to 400 degrees.

4.High quality heating elements, fast heat up, saving energy.

5.Digital temperature controller

6.Safe protection for temperature exceeding.

Double Deck Electric Bakery Oven Advantages:

*One year quality guarantee 

*Reasonable price.

*OEM /ODM service is welcome.

* Timely delivery All the goods can be finished in time, and be shipped out timely. 

*20 years working experience for production & Research and Development in this Refrigeration equipment field.

All of our Bakery Oven Equipment can be customized:

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