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Hotel full-day kitchen design


The full-time restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel and has a total of 132 seats. The full-time kitchen meets the requirements of the hotel for the Chinese restaurant and buffet area. The open kitchen is divided into Chinese, Western and flavor modes to meet the dining needs. The front hall is equipped with a buffet area and a fruit dessert area to ensure a variety of front halls. Cuisine and taste requirements. 

First, the functional partition:

Dressing and disinfection area, fruits and vegetables, meat roughing room, warehouse (freezing\refrigerator), cutting cooking area, cold room, western cake room, silk flower room, preparation area, open kitchen, buffet area, lobby bar, washing room.

Second, the main equipment configuration:
1) Operating room (cooking area): combi steamer oven, gas range with 4-burner with & gas oven, gas fryer(2-tank &2-basket)with cabinet, gas griddle with cabinet 1/3 grooved, electric salamander, double-fried Chinese cooking stove(double work burner), cooking stove, four Doors upright freezer, undercounter refrigerator, stainless steel worktable cabinet, double sink, etc.
Western cake room: electric oven, proofer, pan trolley, dough mixer, mixer, dough sheeter machine, wood work bench, four-door freezer, double sink table, shelves, etc.
2) Cold food room: single sink, four-door freezer, underconter refrigerator, stainless steel worktable cabinet, (desktop mixer), double sink, prop disinfection box, ultraviolet germicidal lamp, air conditioner, etc.
3) Open kitchen: snack steaming stove, soup steaming stove, electric cooking noodle oven, electric cooker, induction cooker, electric grille cover work cabinet, embedded ice basin, single star pool with garbage cabinet, platform refrigerator, etc. .
4) Decontamination room: Double-star sewage tray with garbage cabinet, high-pressure shower, uncovering dishwasher, clean table with truss, double star pool, four-door cupboard, disinfection cabinet, shelf, etc.

Third, the kitchen water supply and drainage design

1. Drainage system
1) The kitchen oily wastewater is treated first by the grease trap and discharged to the sewage pipe network. The grease trap is made of reinforced concrete grease trap (but the car, covered soil, no groundwater)
2) The sewage waste water reserved for the drainage point of the kitchen is discharged to the open ditch through the drain pipe (not marked as DN75). The ground clearance of the drainage level is DN75 and the ground height is 150mm. The drain pipe is made of flexible cast iron pipe.
3) In addition to the marked width, the kitchen open groove is 300mm, the slope i=1%, and the shallowest part in the groove is not less than 150mm. The stainless steel non-slip cover plate has a circular anti-skid bump on the surface of the cover plate. A 0.5% slope is required on both sides of the open trench to flush the surface wall water to the open trench.
4) Drainage pipe slope DN50, i≥0.035; DN75, i≥0.025; DN100, i≥0.02; DN150, i≥0.01;
5) The kitchen is made waterproof twice, and the waterproof height is 1500mm.
6) The dimensions noted in the figure are in mm.
2, water supply system
1) Water source: The municipal water supply network is a water source, and the water supply pressure is 0.35 MPa.
2) System: Direct water supply from the municipal pipe network, the system is up and down. ,
3) The kitchen water supply system is supplied with hot and cold water.
4) The hot and cold water connection port, except the external connection port, is 1/2", the pipe joint angle valve has a uniform height of 250mm, and the ground cold water outlet port has a uniform height of 150mm. The horizontal position of the hot and cold water points is 200mm.
5) The water level should be determined according to different equipment. The height of the star basin water supply should be H450mm, and the angle valve should be reserved;
6) The water for ice machine, coffee machine and tea machine should be cleaned and softened for drinking water;

7) The water supply pipe is laid in a dark place using a PPR pipe.

Fourth, kitchen power supply and distribution design
1, power supply and distribution
1) The electricity used in the kitchen can be divided into productive electricity and non-productive electricity. The productive electricity includes processing machinery, cooking equipment, ventilation and ventilation motors, refrigeration compressors, cleaning and disinfection equipment, etc. Use electricity. Non-production electricity refers to the use of electricity in non-productive facilities such as office and lighting.
2) All wires are in the middle of dark wire laying and cannot have any connectors.
3) All sockets are waterproof sockets, and the wiring positions are connected in parallel at the terminals of the socket and the wiring position.
4) In order to ensure the safety of electricity, all electrical appliances must be equipped with a leakage protector.
5) The potential map does not include lighting power.
6) All grounding dimensions shall be calculated in mm from the completion of the platform.

7) Unless otherwise specified, the socket installation height is 300mm from the ground and the switch box is 1500mm from the ground.

Five, kitchen ventilation design
1) The total amount of smoke exhausted from the kitchen is 40,000 m3/h, and the kitchen is separately controlled separately from the smoke at the open position;
2) The fresh air volume is 75% for the exhaust gas volume;
3) When installing the air conditioning valve, the appearance quality and the flexibility and reliability of the operation should be checked first, and the installation is confirmed after passing the confirmation;
4) When installing the air conditioning valve on the air duct, it must be consistent with the design. The airflow direction must be consistent with the arrow on the valve body. It is strictly prohibited to install in the reverse airflow direction. The operating handle must be placed in a convenient position to connect the smoke pipe. Not deformed;
5) The level of the flue gas exhaust level pipeline should be set at not less than 2% slope, and the slope should be collected, drained or condensed;
6) The pipe seal should be sealed twice or more, and the pipe should be sealed without leakage;
7) When the slope is upright, install a drain valve at the bottom of the riser;
8) All exhaust pipe materials are made of stainless steel sheet;

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