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  • Benefit from Blast Freezer
    Benefit from Blast Freezer

    Benefit from Blast Freezer If you are interested in a safe and fast effective technique of cooling down your food, blast freezer can be recommended. Blast freezers provide a perfect solution for your company. Blast freezers are popularly in use in big restaurants, canteens, hotels, resorts and catering. Blast freezers are made to freeze up to negative eighteen degree Celsius (-18 ) given you the opportunity to preserve any processed meat for less than 3 months as well as salads and desserts for more than 10 months. As the freezer market, as well as commercial refrigeration, is growing worldwide, we can understand that numerous companies and businesses are getting to understand how important and benefit of blast freezer. This fast growth is not having an effect with larger organizations only but also a smaller one too because the majority are working toward the demand for frozen food products for our daily activities. If we have a clue why people are embracing this idea, then we have to consider the benefit of blast freezers and the problem within the circle of the food and catering industries. Advantages of a blast freezer Blast freezer clasps some magnificent advantages whenever it comes to dramatically grow of food and sequentially your profitability in respective of the industry you ought to be working for. Waste reduction Waste can be reduced in two forms via blast freezers. Firstly, when freezing at a low degree; it will enable food spoilage to be kept at a minimal level which will stop bacterial development. Though, this can be regarded as the simplest. Secondly, their dependable temperature regulates to ensure that foods maintain a safe temperature below -18. A speed of cooling and freezing Blast freezer enables cooling and freezing a large quantity of food at a faster level instead of using a normal kind of freezer which can save your cost and energy. However, this process stops the spread of bacteria faster and enabling fresh and save food. Little ice crystals A quick freezing process of a by-product is a smaller ice crystals formation. Ice crystals are the one running the texture, good appearance and taste conducting a lower quality product. Micro-crystals are the only one developing and this is the reason why blast freezer is such an important and efficacious device in the commercial catering industry. The safety and quality of your food should be the two essential things you can get accurate when working in the catering industry. If you want your business to stand out, blast freezers are the right choice for storing your food. The benefit of a blast freezer A blast freezer is a degree controlled unit which can be cold tremendously. It might also be regarded as a shock freezer. These kinds of freezers are considered to either bring the degree of foods down rapidly or freeze them extremely so fast. These specialized freezers are commonly used in the frozen food cantering industry and they can also be used in commercial kitchens as well ...

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  • Small&Middle Bakery Shop Equipment Solutions
    Small&Middle Bakery Shop Equipment Solutions

    Small&Middle Bakery Shop Equipment Solutions 20Kg Dough Mixer 20L Food Mixer 16/32 Trays Proofer 9 Trays Gas Oven Dough Sheeter Cream Mixer 2/4 Doors Commercial Freezer Cake showcase It is the same as the bread production line, but the products produced by the general production line are relatively simple, and the types of small and medium-sized bakery products may be more, so the baking equipment used is also different. 1) Dough mixer: generally 8-25 KG, face time 20-25 minutes Flour: Water: The ratio of eggs is 2: 1: 0.1. 8-25 KG flour can produce around 30-120 discs per hour. 2) Eggbeater: 10-20 L 3) Pastry products need to use crisper, such as croissants, egg tarts and so on. The croissant is baked on 180 under 160 for 25 to 30 minutes; on the egg tart, it is baked at 240 under 230 for 15 minutes. 4) To make a small cake, etc., you need to use a fresh milk machine to make fresh butter and so on. 5) The proofing box: The time is about 1 hour. 6) Bread baking time is 10-15 minutes. Three-layer, nine-disc can bake 36 discs per hour.

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    I.    Brief Introduction     This series of products, with a novel style, bright colors & luster and practical structure, have the characteristics of convenient operation, speedy temperature rising, excellent heat-preserving performance, energy saving, etc. , and are suitable for baking food such as various kinds of cakes, cookies, meat and medicinal materials, etc..Bread and cakes roasted with this type of products, that are known as the optimal baking devices, will be uniform in colors & luster, eat crisp & palatable, and be perfect in the aspects of both flavor and taste. Please read this operation manual carefully before operation and keep it properly. II.    Performances and Features Each layer of baking ovens under this series can be controlled separately, and the upper temperature and the bottom temperature can also be regulated respectively, several layers can be put into operation simultaneously, or one single layer can be used independently. The temperature of a baking oven can be discretionarily adjusted within the range of 20~400℃ and could be automatically detected on scheduled time. This baking oven has been equipped with an oven-temperature protection device. In case that the malfunction of a automatic temperature controller occurs with the power supply on and the heat-emitting tube in operation, the electric connections of the main power supply will be automatically Switched off, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire and electric shock, as well as to insure the security of persons and surrounding environment. III.    Notices on Installation and Operation Environment 1.    This device is for indoor operation only, which can be placed on the ground or on the top of a firm stand, and should be over 20 cm apart from the wall. It is forbidden for a baking oven to be placed close or adjacently to a wooden wall, wooden ground or wooden surface of table, and it is also strictly forbidden for any combustible matter to be placed around a baking oven, so as to avoid any fire. 2.    All electrical connection work should be performed by qualified professional technicians. The voltage of power supply should confirm to that indicated on the nameplate. Main circuit breakers or switches, with long disconnecting spacing between contacts(disconnecting spacing between contacts should not be less than 3mm) and all poles that can be disconnected, should be equipped with . Leakage current protection switches with technical parameters shown in table attached hereunder should also be foreseen: Table attached: Type of Baking Oven echnical parameters of leakage-Current Protection Switches Current Rating (A) Rating of Trigger Leakage Current ≦ IΔn (mA) Qty of Poles and Voltage CS-E11 32 30 2poles-220~240V CS-E12 32 30 2poles-220~240V CS-E24 32 30 4poles-380V CS-E36 32 30 4poles-380V CS-E39 40 30 4poles-380V 1.        The pr...

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