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  • National Day
    National Day

    2021 is the "72 years old" of the motherland, and October 1st is the 72nd birthday of New China. The National Day of 2021 will be a three-day long holiday, from October 1st to October 3rd. If there are customers who inquire about Commercial refrigerators, ice machines, ice cream machines, kitchen equipment, etc., we will reply to you as soon as possible during the holidays, thank you. National Day is a statutory holiday established by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the independence of the country, the signing of the constitution, the birth of the head of state, or other significant anniversaries; some are the saint’s day of the country’s patron saint. The term "National Day" originally refers to national celebrations and was first seen in the Western Jin Dynasty. The writer Lu Ji of the Western Jin Dynasty once recorded in his article "On the Five Classes of Princes" that "National Day alone enjoys its benefits, and the main concern is not its harm". my country's feudal era and national festive events are more important than the emperor's enthronement and birth. Wait. Therefore, in ancient my country, the emperor's ascension and birthday were called "National Day". Today, the anniversary of the founding of the country is called the National Day. National Day is a statutory holiday established by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the independence of the country, the signing of the constitution, the birth of the head of state, or other significant anniversaries; some are the saint’s day of the country’s patron saint. Although most countries have similar anniversaries, due to complicated political relations, this holiday in some countries cannot be called National Day. For example, the United States has only Independence Day and no National Day, but the two have the same meaning. In ancient China, the emperor’s ascension and birthday were called "National Day". Countries around the world determine the National Day according to various reasons. According to statistics, there are 35 countries in the world whose National Day is the time when the country was established. Cuba and Cambodia took the day of occupation of the capital as their national holiday. In some countries, National Independence Day is the national holiday. National symbol National Day Anniversary is a characteristic of modern nation-states. It appeared with the emergence of modern nation-states and became particularly important. It became a symbol of an independent country, reflecting the state and government of this country. Function embodiment Once the special commemoration method of National Day becomes a new and universal holiday form, it will bear the function of reflecting the cohesion of this country and nation. At the same time, the large-scale celebrations on National Day are also a concrete manifestation of the government's mobilization and appeal. [4] Basic Features Showing strength, enhancing national confidence, e...

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  • commercial refrigerator
    commercial refrigerator

    What is a commercial refrigerator? Commercial freezer refers to the refrigerated or frozen freezer used to store ice cream, beverages, dairy products, quick-frozen food, food materials, etc., in commercial business channels such as supermarkets, cold drink stores, frozen goods stores, hotels and restaurants. Commercial refrigerators are highly professional. They not only have professional storage temperature requirements, but also have strong requirements for display. A refrigerator with good display can effectively promote the sales of operators. Therefore, a typical feature of commercial refrigerators is that there are many With single-layer or multi-layer transparent glass doors (except for kitchen refrigerators used to store food materials), consumers can see the contents without opening the freezer door. China's commercial refrigerator market is significantly different from the domestic refrigerator market in terms of channels and products. The commercial refrigerator market is mainly composed of the industry's major customer market and the terminal scattered customer market. Among them, the refrigerator manufacturer mainly covers the industry customer market by direct sales of enterprises. In the scattered customer market, it mainly relies on dealer coverage. Product Classification of Commercial Freezers Commercial refrigerators are generally divided into three categories: commercial refrigerators (also known as beverage cabinets), commercial refrigerators (also known as refrigerators), and kitchen refrigerators, with volumes ranging from 20L to 1600L. Among them, the temperature in the commercial refrigerated cabinet is 0-10 degrees, which is widely used in the storage and sales of various beverages, dairy products, fruits, and flowers. According to the door opening method, it is divided into vertical type (front opening type), top opening type, and air curtain type. The vertical freezer is divided into single door, double door, three door and multiple doors. The top opening type includes barrel, square and air curtain type. There are two types of front and top exposures. The domestic market is dominated by vertical commercial refrigerators, which account for more than 90% of the total market capacity. The temperature in the commercial freezer cabinet is generally below -15 degrees, which is mainly used for the storage and sales of ice cream, quick-frozen dumplings, glutinous rice balls, and frozen meat. According to the structure and industry usage habits, it is divided into horizontal ice cream cabinet, island quick-frozen food cabinet, vertical commercial freezer, desktop cabinet, and ball cabinet. Horizontal ice cream cabinets are the mainstream of commercial freezers in the Chinese market, with common volumes ranging from 100L to 600L; island quick-frozen food cabinets are referred to as island cabinets, which are the product types favored by quick-frozen food customers, aquatic product operators, etc.; vertical commercial freezers Be...

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  • Temperature of Commercial Freezer Room
    Temperature of Commercial Freezer Room

    Temperature of Commercial Freezer Room Commercial Freezer Room is very the efficient storage facility for frozen products such as frozen meat, frozen seafood, etc. Foods can be kept for a long time with the help of commercial freezer room, it is very helpful for fresh food business development. Some customers want to cool down the temperature of commercial freezer room quickly within a regular time. But it needs time, let me list some reasons for that. 1. PU sandwich panels of commercial freezer room don’t work well Firstly the thickness of PU sandwich panel for the commercial freezer room is not thin enough, so the insulation effect is poor. Secondly the density of PU sandwich panel is not enough. If frost occurs in the seal of commercial freezer room door, it means that seal is not tight. In addition, frequent switching of commercial freezer room doors or more people come into and go out from the commercial freezer room will also increase the cooling consumption, so let’s try to avoid opening the door frequently. If large quantity products are loaded into the commercial freezer room, the thermal load increases sharply. The commercial freezer room needs to take a long time to cool down to the specified temperature. 2. The frost of the evaporator is serious, or dusty is excessive, the heat transfer effect will reduce. Because the evaporator temperature of commercial freezer room is lower than 0℃, and the humidity of commercial freezer room is high, the moisture in the air is easily frosted on the surface of the evaporator, which affects the heat transfer effect . To prevent more thicker frost on the fin surface of evaporator, we need to set defrost time periodically. 3.There is much air or frozen oil in the evaporator, the heat transfer effect will reduce. Once inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer tube is attached with much frozen oil, the heat transfer coefficient will be reduced. Similarly, if there is much air in the heat transfer tube, heat exchange area and heat transfer is reduced, so commercial freezer room temperature will cool down slowly. Therefore, in daily operation and maintenance, we should remove the oil and exhaust the air in the evaporator in time to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator. 4. The throttle valve is improperly adjusted or blocked, the refrigerant flowing rate is too large or too small. If the opening degree of the throttle valve is too large, flowing rate of the refrigerant will be too large, the evaporation pressure and evaporation temperature will increase, so commercial freezer room temperature will cool down slowly; Meanwhile, if the throttle valve opening degree is too small or blocked, flowing rate of the refrigerant will be reduced, the cooling capacity will be reduced, so commercial freezer room temperature will cool down slowly. Generally, we could judge whether the flowing rate of the throttle valve refrigerant is appropriate by observing the evaporation pressure, the evaporation ...

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