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One stop Solution Of industrial commercial Hotel Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Factory Supply Hotel Restaurant Equipment Kitchen,Professional Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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    Guangdong of China
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    Huangpu of Guangzhou
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One stop Solution Of industrial commercial Hotel Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

  • Function:Cooking, Griddle, Frying, Pasta,Bain marie.
  • Material:Stainless steel 304.
  • Thickness:1.2mm
  • Certificate:CE
  • This restaurant kitchen cooking equipment can be combined freely with different equipment according to your needs.
  • The equipments are stretchforming cooking surface,easy to clean.

(A-Z Commercial Kitchen Equipment Solution )

A.Gas Range(Gas Range Only / Combination : with Cabinet/Oven/Griddle/Lava Rock Grill ; 2-6 Stove ; Freestanding/Countertop)

B. Electric/Gas Griddle (Griddle Only / Combination : with Cabinet/Oven/Griddle/Gas Range/Salamander/Fryer ; Teppanyaki ; Freestanding/Countertop)

C. Electric/Gas  Bain Marie (Bain Marie Only / Combination : with Cabinet ; 2-6 Pan ;  Chocolate Stove ; Freestanding/Countertop)

D.Electric/Gas Pasta Cooker(Pasta Cooker Only / Combination : with Cabinet ; 4-16 Colander ; Freestanding/Countertop)

E. Electric/Gas Fryer ( Fryer Only / Combination : with Cabinet ; 1-2 Tank/1-4 Basket ; Pressure Fryer ; Freestanding/Countertop )

F. Electric/GasSoup Kettle (Freestanding)

G. Electric/Gas Tilting Braising Pan(Freestanding)

H. Electric/Gas Grill(GrillOnly / Combination : Lava Rock with Cabinet/Gas Range/Oven ; Contact Grill ; Freestanding/Countertop)

I.Gas French Hot Plate Cookerwith Oven(Freestanding)

J.Electric/Induction Cooker(Cooker Only / Combination : with Cabinet/Oven 4-6 round/rectangular shape Plate ; Freestanding/Single/Double Countertop)

K.Electric Food Warming Series(Food/Pie/Pizza Warmer Display ; Food Warming Tray ; Food/Plate Warmer Cart ; Infrared Lamps)

L. Electric/Gas Snack Machine(Popcorn Machine/Cart ; Candy Floss Machine ; Crepe Maker ; Waffle/Cone/Crisp Baker ; Doughnut Maker/Fryer ; Fishball Grill ; Hot Dog Grill )

M.Gas/Electric Oven Series( 1-3 Deck Baking Oven/with Proofer ; 1-2 Deck Pizza Oven/Conveyor Pizza Oven ;  Convection Oven ; Hot Air Rotary Furnace  ; Combi-steamer Oven ;  Toaster ; Salamander ;  Barbecue Oven ; Freestanding/Countertop )

N. Electric/Gas Rotisserie Series( 3-5 Burner Shawarma ; Kebab Machine ; Chicken Rotisserie ; Rotary Corn Roaster ; Countertop)

O.Fast Food Equipment(Chips Display Warmer ; Meat Salting ; Breading Table ; Shortening Filter Cart ; Hamburger Patty Press ; Hamburger Machine ; Cup Dispenser ; Wrapping Machine ; Tube Box ; etc. )

P.Electric Tower Warmer(Warmer item ; Hot & Cool Cabinet ; Ultraviolet Ray Warmer)

Q. Mixer( Food Mixer ; Cake Mixer ; Stick Blender ; Spiral Mixer ; Commercial Blender ; etc.)

R.Electric Food Cutting Machine ( Meat/Cheese Mincer/Slicer/Grider ; Sausage Filler ; Bone Saw ; Dough Sheeter/Rounder/Divider ; Food/Vegetable Cut Up Machine ;  High-speed Disintegrator ; Patato Peeler ; etc. ) 

S.Electric Food Showcase For (Cake ; Sushi ; Beverages & Drink ; Fruit ; Vegetable ; Salad ; etc. ) 

T.Commercial Kitchen Freezer(1-3 Door ; 1-2 Deck ; Drawer Work Table ; Static/Fan Cooling)

U. ElectricIce Cream Series( Ice Cream Machine ;  Soft/Hard Ice Cream Machine ; Fried Ice Cream Machine ;  Ice Maker )

V.Electric Beverage Equipment (Coffee Machine ; Sugar Cane Presser ; Commercial Orange Juicer ; Juicer ; Centrifugal Juicer ; Juice Dispenser ; Hot Chocolate Machine ; Slush Machine ; lemon Slicer Machine ; 1-2 Head Milk Shaker  ; Ice Crusher ; Milk Tea Warmer Bucket ; Water Boiler ; Chocolate Fountain ; etc. )

W.Electric Chafing Dish

X.Electric/Gas Rice Cooker

Y.Electric Packing Machine(Vacuum/Impulse)

Z.Others Kitchen Equipment(GN Pans ; 1-3 Sink Bench ; Working Table/with Cabinet ; 1-3 Tiers Pole/Trolley ; Chpping Board ; Fume Filter ; etc.)

We supply full set restaurant kitchen equipment such as:

  • stainless steel work tables & chairs
  • Refrigerators.
  • Coffee & Bar Equipment.
  • Food processing machines.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Cultery & Glass.
  • Ceramic Plates.
  • Furniture.

1.Are you a factory?
Yes, Shairo is a manufacturer with nearly ten thousand square meters factory and one-stop service company integrating production, design and sales.
2.Can you provide a design solutions?
Yes, we can provide design solutions for various catering projects, such as hotel kitchen, restaurant, bakery, bar, etc. Please provide us planning area of your project.
3.How can I get a quick quote?
Please tell us the product list, seating number of the restaurant, the area of the kitchen and the menu.
4. How long is the warranty period?
One year warranty. If there is any problem with the goods during the warranty period, please provide relevant evidence. We will send you relevant spare parts.
5. What is the packing of the goods?
Normally packing is carton/wooden frame or wood case. If there are other requirements, please advise.
6.How long is the delivery time?
Generally 7~15 days, actual situation depend on products items and quantity.
7.Can you provide customized product?
Some products can be customized, please inform us of your demand.
8. If the machine doesn't or I don't know how to operate?
We will provide product's instructions in advance.Besides, our professional technicians who can answer your questions and provide operation video if necessary.
9. How is the transportation?
According to the size of the products, quantity, and the customer's requirements, transporting products  by express, by air or by sea.
10. Can we arrange door-to-door service
Some countries and regions can arrange door-to-door service. Please provide your detailed address.
11. Can you help me to drop-shipping?
Yes, we will collect corresponding charge, specific charge detail please consult with us.
12. Whether the product is English panel and manual?
Yes, we will offer English version products normally.
13. Voltage and plug of the product?
Our company offer conventional plug and voltage, please advise us your demand when you ordering.
14.  Payment term?
30% deposit before production, 70% deposit before delivery.

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