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Small&Middle Bakery Shop Equipment Solutions

20Kg Dough Mixer

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It is the same as the bread production line, but the products produced by the general production line are relatively simple, and the types of small and medium-sized bakery products may be more, so the baking equipment used is also different.
1) Dough mixer: generally 8-25 KG, face time 20-25 minutes
Flour: Water: The ratio of eggs is 2: 1: 0.1.
8-25 KG flour can produce around 30-120 discs per hour.
2) Eggbeater: 10-20 L
3) Pastry products need to use crisper, such as croissants, egg tarts and so on. The croissant is baked on 180 under 160 for 25 to 30 minutes; on the egg tart, it is baked at 240 under 230 for 15 minutes.
4) To make a small cake, etc., you need to use a fresh milk machine to make fresh butter and so on.
5) The proofing box: The time is about 1 hour.
6) Bread baking time is 10-15 minutes.
Three-layer, nine-disc can bake 36 discs per hour.

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