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What are the functional requirements of the hotel kitchen?


What are the functional requirements of the hotel kitchen?

A. Chinese food kitchen

Mainly produce Chinese dishes, small stir-fry, steamed vegetables, stews, fried dishes, soups. For this reason, the Chinese food kitchen is mainly equipped with a stir-fry stove, a clay pot stove, a low soup stove, a steaming cabinet, and a three-door steaming cabinet, which can be configured separately The roast meat room, the abalone wings, the pastry room, the sashimi room, the cold dish room and so on.

B. Western kitchen

Mainly produce western dishes, equipped with reliable quality, stable performance, universal steaming oven, electric fryer, flat griddle, clay pot stove, low soup stove and other Western cooking stoves. Separate bakeries and decorating rooms can be configured to provide a variety of styles Pastries and snacks.

C. Banquet Kitchen

The main feature is that there are fewer varieties of products than ordinary kitchens, but the number of meals per unit time is large, which requires a large area for preparing and dividing meals in the kitchen, so that they can be quickly fried and divided into meals at the beginning of the meal.

D. Full-day kitchen

To meet the hotel’s requirements for Chinese restaurants and buffet areas, the open kitchen is divided into Chinese food, Western food, and flavor to meet dining needs. The front hall is equipped with a buffet area and fruit dessert area to ensure a variety of cuisines in the front hall. And taste requirements.

E. Lobby Bar and Kitchen

Provide coffee, tea, beverages, wine, snacks, fast food, etc. for the lobby. The equipment selection of the lobby bar meets the positioning of the hotel, with stable performance and beautiful appearance

F. Executive Lounge

The dining area provides a variety of hot and cold boutique snacks, coffee, tea, and juice. The fully self-service design provides more convenience for guests.

G. Staff kitchen

There are many staff in the hotel. This kitchen is specially equipped for hotel staff. There are functional areas such as hot-frying room, rough processing room, pastry room, selling room, washing room, etc., to meet the dining needs of hotel staff.

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